How To Lose Weight With Keto-OMAD To Lose Weight With Keto-OMAD

How To Lose Weight With Keto-OMAD To Lose Weight With Keto-OMAD

Usually, Our Body Uses Carbohydrate As The Main Energy Source this energy measured in calories. Therefore calories we take in and calories we burn should be equivalent to keep our body healthy.  The Body Uses These calories While Our Day To Day Activities. We get this calorie from our meals. The body burns some of the energy we got from our meal and also it stores the extra as fat. This extra fat in the body is the reason to weight gain.  If we could limit our daily calorie intake, our body starts to burn stored fat as energy. This is what we are doing in a diet. Keto-OMAD diet is one of the best way to burn your stored body fat.

What is Keto diet ,

The Ketogenic Diet Is A High-Fat, Adequate-Protein, Low-Carbohydrate Diet That In Medicine Is Used Fundamentally To Treat Difficult-To-Control Epilepsy In Children. The Diet Forces The Body To Burn Fats Rather Than Carbohydrates. In Keto Diet, We Eat Foods With Carbohydrate Less Than 40g Per Day. You Are Allowed To Eat Foods With Fat And Protein Instead Of Eating Foods With Carb. You Are Allowed To Take,

  • 70-80% Fat From Total Daily Calories(165 Grams Fat)
  • 5-10% Carbohydrate(40 Grams Carbohydrate,)
  • And 10-20% Protein(75 Grams Protein)

For A 2000-Calorie Diet.

What Is OMAD Diet?

OMAD Means One Meal A Day. Yeah, You Can Have Only One Meal Per Day. This OMAD Also A Type Of Intermittent Fasting.  In OMAD You Have To Fast For 23 Hours Straight And Then Allowed To Eat A Big Meal In A 60-Minute Window. OMAD Is A Popular Diet Plan.  It Is One Of The Best Weight Loss Method As Well As A Way To Tackle Chronic Disease And Other Health Issues.

Now you know about both Keto and OMAD diets. Keto is a low carb diet and OMAD is One Meal A Day. I think now you got it.

What is Keto-OMAD? To Lose Weight With Keto-OMAD

Keto-OMAD is a combination of Keto and OMAD diets. Simply you are allowed to have one keto meal a day.

How Should I Start The Keto-OMAD Diet?

  • First Of All, Calculate Your Daily Calorie Intake Do Not Cut Too Many Calories From It. Take At Least 1000 Calories Per Day and you must keep carb limit under 40g.
  • Eat only one meal per day. you are allowed to eat any time at the day.
  • Keep Your Carbohydrate Intake Lower like in Keto.
  • Drink Water At Least 2 Litres Per Day.
  • Avoid Sugar. If You Are Unable To Avoid Sugar Use An Artificial Sweetener Instead Of Sugar.
  • Do Workouts For 20 Minutes Per Day At Least Twice A Week For Best Results.
  • You Can Drink Coffee, Tea, Green Tea, And Water In Your Fasting Window(23h). Drink Coffee, Tea And Green Tea Without Sugar.
  • Take a multivitamin along with the diet to avoiding hair fall.

How Should I Eat While Keto-OMAD Diet?

You Are Allowed To Eat Your Keto-OMAD Meal Anytime At The Day but remember your meal should be a keto meal. Which mean carb intake must be under 40g. BUT, Remember You Must Stick With Your Daily Calorie Limit. Otherwise, You Won’t Be Able To Get Results Out Of The Diet. And DO NOT Cut Calories More Than Required In The Diet. Eat healthy stay healthy.

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