Low carb Zucchini cake

Super Soft Low Carb Zucchini Cake Low carb Zucchini cake

Zucchini is like a savior to dieters. It contains very low carb level than similar foods. Today I am gonna tell how to make super soft low carb zucchini cake.

Zucchini cake? Seriously?

Yeah I know It is different. But it is delicious like heaven.

Eat What You Love Without Breaking Your Diet.

This super soft low carb zucchini cake Recipe Is Most Suitable For OMADKetoKeto-OMAD,  Intermittent Fasting And Half Plate Diet. Simply It Is Suitable For Any Diet Plan.

Always remember, we are dieters. do not let food to control you. you are the one who controls food. This Is Just A Snack. Therefore Don’t Eat All At Once.

The Total Calories Of This Full Meal Is 704
Total Crab Is 16g



  •  2 eggs – 126 cal/ 0.6g carb
  • Zucchini 200g – 30 cal / 5.4g carb
  • Salt 1/2ts – 0 cal/ 0 carb
  • Nutmeg 3/4ts – 9 cal / 0.8g carb
  • Cinnamon 3/4ts – 5 cal / 1.6g carb
  • Amond  30g – 174 cal / 6.5g carb
  • Sweetener 2 ts – 3 cal / 0.9g carb
  • Olive oil 3tbs – 358 cal / 0 g carb


How to make super soft low carb zucchini cake Low carb Zucchini cake

Grate the zucchini and place grated zucchini on a kitchen towel to absorb extra water.

Beat three eggs well

Add all the above ingredients in to bowl and mix well.

Finally add the zucchini and beaten eggs to the mixture and mix all together

Pour the mixture into a backing tray.

Then preheat  the oven to 180c and bake in the oven for 30 minutes.


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