Low Carb Pan Fried Mushrooms & Egg Bullseyes

Low Carb Pan Fried Mushrooms & Egg Bulls-eyes

Hey there! Welcome back, Today I am gonna give you another easy peasy Low Carb Recipe. This Low Carb Pan-Fried Mushrooms & Egg Bulls-eyes recipe is most suitable for OMAD, Keto, Keto-OMAD,  Intermittent Fasting. This Low carb recipe is also very easy to prepare. You are able to cook and eat this Meal within 30 minutes.

The total Calories of this full meal is 1089
Total Crab is 27g

Okay, let’s start,


Low Carb Pan Fried Mushrooms & Egg Bullseyes

  • 2 eggs -143 cal / 0.7g carb
  • 50g of button mushrooms – 14 cal/ 2.6g carb
  • 15g of butter – 108 cal/ 0g carb
  • Tablespoon of olive oil – 119 cal / 0g carb
  • Spinach – 12 cal / 1.9g carb
  • 3 slices of ham – 605 cal / 4.6g carb
  • 1 slice of bread – 67 cal / 12g carb
  • 1 medium Tomato – 22 cal / 4.8g carb

How to prepare,

Low Carb Pan Fried Mushrooms & Egg Bullseyes

  • Cut button mushrooms and put them into salted water for a few minutes. After a few minutes remove the water and squeeze mushrooms to remove extra water.
  • Fry ham slices using butter. Now put ham on the serving plate and fry mushrooms in the same frying pan. Add pepper if you like. Now put mushrooms on the serving plate.
  • Now pour olive oil into the frying pan and fry spinach with it. Add salt and pepper as your favour.
  • Make two Bullseyes from two eggs.
  • You can fry the tomato or eat it fresh as your favour.
  • Also, you can toast the bread slice if you like.
  • Now your Low Carb Pan-Fried Mushrooms & Egg Bullseyes with spinach meal is ready. Enjoy your meal.

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