-Low Carb Enoki mushrooms noodles

Low Carb Enoki mushrooms noodles -Low Carb Enoki mushrooms noodles


Looking for more low carb recipes? Why not, We dieters always looking for low carb recipes.  Well, This Low Carb Enoki mushrooms noodles recipes Is Especially For You. You Will Love This Recipe For Sure. This Low Carb Recipe Is Most Suitable For OMADKetoKeto-OMAD,  And Intermittent Fasting. This Low Carb Recipe Is Also Very Easy To Prepare. Just Try It And Let Me Know How Was It.

The Total Calories Of This Full Meal Is 340
Total Crab Is 33g

Okay, Let’s Start

Ingredients, -Low Carb Enoki mushrooms noodles

  • Enoki mushrooms 200g – 74 cal / 16g carb
  • Carrots 50g – 18 cal / 4.1 carb
  • Cabbage 50g – 12 cal 2.8g carb
  • Beans 50g – 1 cal / 3.9g carb
  • 20g of Onion  – 7 cal/ 1.5g carb
  • 1 teaspoon of Ginger – 2 cal / 0.4g carb
  • Garlic – 9 cal / 2g carb
  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil- 121 cal / 0g carb
  • 1 egg – 72 cal / 0.4g carb
  • oyster source 1 tbs – 9 cal /2g carb

How to prepare Low Carb Enoki mushrooms noodles,

It’s very easy. Boil mushrooms in steam.

Temper Ginger, garlic and onion.

Now add chopped carrot, cabbage and green beans and mix well.

Temper the mixture little further and add the egg and mix all together.

Cook this for another 2 minutes and add the steamed mushrooms to it.

Add salt and pepper as your favour.

Finally, add oyster sauce and serve.


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