Carb Low Carb Avocado Smoothie

Low Carb Avocado Smoothie Carb Low Carb Avocado Smoothie

It is time for a yummy smoothie. But Will It Break My Diet? Nop… This Low Carb Avocado Smoothie Won’t Break Your Diet. Now You Can Drink Your favourite Avocado Smoothie Without Breaking Your Diet.

This Avocado Smoothie Recipe Is Most Suitable For OMADIntermittent Fasting And Half Plate Diet. If you are on  Keto, or Keto-OMAD try to drink it without chocolate chips. It will save 1.1g of carb for your main meal. Simply this avocado smoothie Is Suitable For Any Diet Plan.

The Total Calories Of This Full Meal Is 198
Total Crab Is 11g

Ingredients Carb Low Carb Avocado Smoothie

  • Avocado 50g – 80 cal/4.3g carb
  • almond milk – 11 cal / 1.6g carb
  • sweetener –  8cal/ 2.3g carb
  • raw lemon juice – 3 cal / 1.1g carb
  • Almond oil – 60 cal / 0g carb
  • Sugar-free chocolate chips – 34 cal / 1.8g carb

How to make Low Carb Low Carb Avocado Smoothie

Blend  Avocado almond milk, sweetener, raw lemon juice, and almond oil together.

Add sugar-free chocolate chips as your favour.

adding sugar-free chocolate chips is not necessary.

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